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Luxuries Temple, The Temple of ONE

 Welcome loved one, to this beautiful journey that is before you. All that has been unattainable is now close at hand. This choice you have made, to move forward from the binds that tie you, is a precious act of love for self and a reward that is simply too difficult to bring into words.

Only through the motion of what you are about to embark on, will you truly understand the gift you have given yourself by saying, “I am ready.”

Welcome to the LuxunisTM Method. Welcome to the energies of ONE..

The Luxunis Method

What is the Luxunis MethodTM?

     Simply stated, the LuxunisTM Method is unlike anything that you have experienced before.

Through working with ONE, everything that you do is amplified by this ancient energy. ONE is not something outside of you, but part of you. During this Method, there are many energy centers within you that will be activated and renewed. The main purpose of these activations is to enable you to hold the ONE Energy. We are beautiful conduits for subtle energies and the LuxunisTM Method allows you to hold and work with the energy of ONE.

     Our souls are energy. We are held at limits due to the frequency at which our human body vibrates. We also carry old soul programs within us. The Luxunis Method breaks down those old programs to help you remove them. We call this a “working method,” because you may experience or revisit things that you are ready to work through and heal. Being in the new frequency, you will move through these things faster, assisting in the growth of your soul (ascension).


Origins of ONE and the LuxunisTM Method


     Long ago, before the records of time, we were all in the conscious awareness that we are all connected, all ONE. Through acts that were forgotten, we lost that awareness and ONE was removed from our plane, but had promised to return when humanity was again ready.

     Over time, humanity was blinded and reconditioned to the thought patterns and behaviors we have exhibited over recorded and remembered history. We forgot who we were meant to be, as well as the power that is in each one of us.

In 2008, the promise to return became a reality, when the Avatar and Frequency Carrier, Shakti Magia, was awakened and activated. Through a series of visitations and initiations, the LuxunisTM Method was brought forth.


Who is Shakti Magia Wallace?

     Shakti Magia Wallace is the founder, Spiritual Director and High Priestess for LuxunisTM. She holds the sacred calling as Avatar for the ONE Energy and Portal.

For three consecutive days, a series of sacred visitations and events took place. Shakti was activated as a living channel, frequency carrier and Avatar for the ONE Energetic Field of Divine Consciousness. This energy is also known as, “Divine ONE Energy” or “One Energy” and most recently understood as “The energetic imprint of the All Mother.” For three days, she was activated to the frequency, vibration and energetic encodings held within “The realm of ONE.” The final day ended on leap day 2008, where the LuxunisTM Method was fully activated and manifested through Shakti, into conscious awareness for the entire world to receive.


     Shakti’s spiritual life purpose is to serve as sacred Avatar for Divine ONE Energy and the Beloved All Mother. This life calling, is one that is held with the most venerated devotion.


How is the Luxunis MethodTM received?

     The Luxunis Method can be done in person or remotely where I will tap into your energetic field.

There are seven main areas that will be focused on. These areas are most commonly called the 7 Chakras, 7 Energy Wheels of Life or 7 Energetic Wheels. We have many more chakras in our bodies as well as energetic bodies. Other chakras that will be focused on are the hands, feet, Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras.

     The time it takes to receive this Method varies depending on the individual, but usually between 30 – 60 min. The One Energy however, works continuously with you throughout your life. You become a living anchor of the One Energy Field.

The majority of individuals feel an immediate improvement in the energetic blocks that they were experiencing prior to their receiving the Luxunis Method.

     One Energy adheres to your needs and it customizes itself to serve you for your highest good and ascension always.


What are the benefits of the LuxunisTM Method?

     Some of the benefits that people have experienced range from opening or expanding psychic abilities, deepening their connection with source, higher levels of understanding in their spiritual work, shifting away from fear and approaching change from a higher perspective. All of these things, help you move through everyday life in a more fluid motion. Moving you away from the mundane things that have previously taken too much of your energy with no resolve. These changes within are continuously supported by Boosts.

     It is time now to step away from the old and embrace everything that you are.


Why I offer the Luxunis MethodTM?

     As a Certified Luxunis Method Practitioner, (formerly the One Ascension Technique) I want to share with you how this Method has greatly impacted my life and why I now offer it to my clients.

     I had been at a point in my life where I was searching for more than what I was finding in the books I had been reading. I thought that as humans we were capable of so much more than we had been conditioned to believe we were. I knew we had answers with in us and I wanted to know how to unlock them. Then I reconnected with The beautiful *Shakti Wallace and her work. In 2010 I booked a session and my life has never been the same. It is as if I was living a whole different life with a new perspective on everything. This enabled me to navigate through my life in a whole new way. It has been so life changing that I became certified in this technique in 2016.


What is a Boost and why are they necessary?


     In our human blueprint, we cannot hold the whole of ONE Energy. Over time, as we acclimate to ONE at each level, we can move further up into her higher frequencies. Let us compare this to a person who has lived their entire life in a dark cave. You cannot simply bring them out into the sunlight and expect them to see clearly. The sunlight is simply too bright for them at first. In order to acclimate, they may have to wear special sunglasses, changing them to a lighter filter as time goes on. Over time, they will continue to upgrade the sunglasses to a lighter pair, until they do not need to wear them anymore. A Boost is like those filters, allowing you to hold and work with the higher energies of ONE with each new Boost. That is why there are many benefits to regular Boosts and why they are important to your ascension process. With a Boost, you will experience the following:

  • An increasing capacity to hold more of the Divine ONE Energy.
  • Your blueprint matrix is updated to consistently align to your highest path. You receive powerful “updates” on a regular basis.
  • Your energetic vibration will consistently recalibrate with every Boost to assure the smoothest transition and harmonic resonance.
  • Your vibratory energy field will constantly be cleared to assure that you are increasing and expanding in the direction that you need most, for your highest good.
  • You clear through soul programming and energetic blocks with clarity and with higher awareness and perspective.
  • You form a unique energetic code in the human conscious field, that will not only benefit you, but all of humanity.
  •  Higher levels of ascension are possible because you are constantly being updated with powerful levels within the infinite Divine One Energy structure.
  •  Your ability to see through the illusions and limiting paradigms that are part of the 3rd dimension will increase.
  •  Newer frequencies will be introduced to your energy field that will integrate more elegantly. 


     To book your session click on the Book Now tab, or you can email us at

*The Luxunis Method is exclusive to the Luxunis Temple and those who have been Certified through Shakti herself. Currently there are less than 8 Practitioners world wide. 

Luxunis MethodTM  Services

Luxunis MethodTM $275

Includes Consultation/Assessment

Luxunis MethodTM Package 1  $540

Includes Luxunis MethodTM and 2 Boost( one 4-6 weeks from OETTM), Includes Assessments. ($35 Savings)

Includes Luxunis MethodTM and 6 Boosts. ( one 4-6 weeks from OETTM)Includes Assessments.

($150 Savings)

Luxunis MethodTM Package 2


Luxunis MethodTM  Boost  $150

One Boost and 30 minute Spiritual Assesment.

 3 Boost Bundle $415

For those who have already had the Luxunis Method.

Purchase a Boost Bundle. Includes Spiritual Assessment with each Boost. 2 follow up Assessment. ($35 Savings)

6 Boost Bundle $800

For those who have already had the Luxunis MethodTM​

Purchase a Boost Bundle. Includes Spiritual Assessment with each Boost and 4 follow ups Assessments. ($100 Savings)


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