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About Me:

I received my calling to heal others early on in my life, though I did not understand that is what was happening then. In my mid-thirties I started focusing more on my spiritual development and became very drawn to crystals and stones. In 2010 I was anchored to The One Energy, through the Luxunis MethodTM. This powerful energy has amplified my work assisting others in their healing process through healing energy using crystals and stones. 

In 2013 I had the opportunity to enroll in the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, and become a Certified Crystal Healer. I successfully completed the course of instruction with a broader understanding of how this healing process works. True healing requires a balance of mind, body and soul.

In 2016,  I was certified as a Luxunis MethodTM Practitioner by Shakti, Avatar and High Priestess for the Shakti Spiral , Luxunis Temple and One Energy. I can now share this technique with others. I currently serve as Attending Priestess in the Luxunis Temple and Sisterhood.

Crystal Healing sessions as well as the Luxunis MethodTM, provide the platform to heal within our physical and ethereal bodies. Since completing training I have embodied the awakening to natural paths of health and wellness, and enthusiastically promote this holistic alternative. It is my desire to continually incorporate channeling positive energy and spiritual balance with Healing Energy as a natural source.

My journey does not end here. I am continuously guided to expand in my healing practice to encompass more of what is needed as the world shifts into a new direction.

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