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Why Energy Healing, Why now?

These words I am writing have so much more importance than you are yet to know. Take these words wisely and interpret them as you see fit, for they hold a different meaning for everyone. We reside in realms of many and the words translate in many ways on the plane in which you are now living. Your soul has passed through many worlds and passages and you see fit to maneuver through each of these times in wonder of who you are and seek these answers from others, when the whole time the answers are with in you.

It is time now to wake to whom you are and revel in your truth and power. Forget all that you have been conditioned to believe and know that you are so much more and have a wonderful path set before you that was written long before this incarnation. The veil held by dogmatic beliefs has fallen. The deceit that has been performed before you on this stage of life is now over. As you look at the program you will clearly see those whom have entangled you in this web, in this theater, since the the birth of your souls many times ago and that their charade is over.

We are older, the earth, the solar system, the galaxy, older than you have been told. So much has passed before you on this planet and not all of your time has been here. There was a time when connection to your "All Divine" was as it should be, and life was more than you could ever have imagined it to be. Your mind has been closed by forces that sought to hold back your power and use your physical strength for their services. To do this they had to remove any means of your ability to object, to think that you could be anymore than a slave. So much has been hidden and twisted, and the worst of fates was the spiritual lobotomy that your souls were forced to endure. This happened so fast, it was as if all at once everything you had was taken and shut out. Longing for a place and for a direction, you remember, with each incarnation you shed another layer of what they made you, to what you truly are.

Come now, it is time to heal, and heal you shall

-These words are for you-

Celena Marie Spolarich, CCH

Certified Luxunis MethodTM Practitioner

Creator of The Sacred Art of You Courses

Attending Priestess, Luxunis Temple

 Crystal Healer


using crystals as tools

Our Mission at Rock Therapy Crystal Healing is to help individuals heal themselves by bringing balance back to their vibrational frequencies. In turn we can heal the world as a whole. We are given many tools and technologies to make this happen.

The Jewels of Mother Earth have amazing properties to assist us into a healing process. Experience the balancing of mind, body and soul. 

Celena Marie Spolarich, CCH

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